The Longest Perfect Ending Print

I went home feeling sort of down," Koralewski recalled. I returned to the alleys the next Thursday night, after having a full week to wonder if I would or wouldn't get four more strikes. I also worried whether or not the ABC would recognize it as a perfect game, that's if I did roll a 300.

I arrived at the alleys just five minutes before the league starting time. Much to my surprise, there was a crowd which filled the place. The crowd didn't bother me and nobody asked me any questions such as, “Do you think you can hit the pocket on the first ball?” or “Are you nervous?”

"None of us were allowed a practice ball because we were resuming our suspended match. Well, I put the ninth ball in there for a strike and had no trouble with the tenth or eleventh. "Then I got my twelfth straight strike and the crowd let loose. I wasn't excited or nervous. I had worried all those emotions out of me during the week."

Koralewski's only other concern was alleviated when the ABC sanctioned his 300 and sent the bowler his gold medal for a perfect game-the longest in history.

Koralewski's feat inspired an episode of "The Andy Griffith Show" thirty-three years later, in 1967. On the hit TV show, Mayberry town clerk Howard Sprague, playing in a league, is working on a perfect game when the lights go out. He has to wait a week to resume the game and gets his 300.