Hall of Famer, Lou Matassa, dies at age 71 Print

It is with great sadness that I report the passing of a great friend and gentleman of our bowling community. A worthy Hall of Fame member since 1974, Lou was a joy to watch and talk with. He had a style all his own, not o­nly o­n the bowling lanes but as a human being. He would always say hi and greet you with that unique smile of his. If you knew Louie you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Lou Matassa after another 300His image in my mind is clear and inspiring because if you wanted to learn how to play this game, he was definitely o­ne of the o­ne’s to watch. He’d be happy to talk to you all day long about bowling and was always fair and sincere when giving you advice. Thanks for everything Louie. I will never forget you.

In honour of this great gentleman of the game, I’ve dug up some photo memorabilia of him that I hope you’ll enjoy.


Note: We will never forget you Louie!