1st 300, 1st 800, same guy same night Print
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There was an interesting turn of events last Thursday night during the Rose Bowl Major Handicap league. This event, once again, shows you just never know when it's going to be your night.

The first game by this individual stared out not too bad with a decent 230 game. What followed ended up being a pleasent surprise for everyone.

Doug Helmer, a tall right hander, began to throw strikes... 23 of them over the next 24 frames.

Doug's second game was an impressive 279 missing a strike (nine spare) in only one frame and then immediately topping this off with his first ever perfect 300 game. This gave Doug games of 230, 279, 300 for the night and an awsome 809 series. This was also Doug's first ever 800 series as well.

All this in one night! Doug agreed that bowling is fun!

Congratualtions Doug on your two honor scores in one night!