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Bowling has experienced a tremendous scoring explosion the last 20 years. Once thought impossible, a 900 series has become a reality. However, the most recent 900 series apparently will not join the list of approved 900s.

The United States Bowling Congress has refused to recognize a 900 series rolled by Robert Mushtare, a 17-year-old from Fort Drum, N.Y. Mushtare rolled his score Nov. 5 during a pre-bowling session for the Pine Plains Junior/Senior League at Pine Plains Bowling Center.

The USBC refused to recognize the score because Mushtare did not have a valid USBC membership and the league was not yet certified by the USBC when he rolled the score.

The Watertown USBC Youth Bowling Association did not receive Mushtare's membership card and league sanction applications until Nov. 18. USBC rules require the information to be submitted within 30 days of the start of the league's bowling schedule. The league began play Sept. 17, so the 30-day grace period ended Oct. 16.

The USBC said Mushtare is appealing the decision.
Before the 1980s, award scores were turned down more frequently mainly because of non-compliant lane conditions. However, the introduction of new rules mean honor scores are rarely rejected anymore.