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Although Henry Beeny never made it into the Bowling Hall of Fame, he certainly qualified for the Bowling Hall of Shame.

In 1902, Beeny decided to compete in a major ABC tournament in Buffalo. With family and fiends looking on, Beeny-who was a so-so bowler at best, completely fell apart on the lanes.

Failing to pick up a single marker, he rolled a pitiful 59 in the opener. Things barely improved in his second game when he notched a woeful 63. Try as he might to at least reach 100, Beeny couldn't even make it to 90, tallying only an 82. The total of his three-game series didn't match a decent game by an average pro. But his horrendous bowling did not go unnoticed by history.

Beeny made it into the record books. His three game total of 204 has remained the worst three-game series in ABC tournament history.

It should come as no surprise that Beeny ended up dead last in a field of 219 competitors, a full 153 pins behind the 218th-place finisher!