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Robert Mushtare was 9-years-old when he first picked up a bowling ball. Now 8 years later, at age 17, he's done something no other bowler has ever done.

He's rolled two 900 series. To do that, you need 3 consecutive perfect 300 games. Only 10 other men in 111 years have even done it once.

"I'm over here every chance I get. I'm throwing as many games as I can. Even if I'm not bowling games, i'm just rolling the ball to roll the ball." Mushtare said.

Mushtare says he's rolled more than 30-300 games in his life.

When he found out his scores would be officially recognized by the United States Bowling Congress, he says it was the best day of his life.

"It was Just Joy. Everybody in the house was thrilled. It was probably the best feeling I've ever had." Mushtare said.

"It's definitely something that will count. I know he'll remember it and it's something I'll remember too. It's kinda indescribable how great I feel for him." Said Robert's sister Heather.

Before the U-S-B-C recognized these two scores, it rejected another 900 series he turned in, because he wasn't a member at the time.

Since then, several people have spoken out saying what he's done is impossible, and that he's a cheater, a liar, and should be kicked out of the USBC.

Mushtare says that's ridiculous and the USBC says it went all out to make sure his scores were legit.

In a release, USBC Director of Sport Jeff Henry said, the "USBC did conduct a thorough inquiry. Based on the information derived in the interviews, USBC concluded that the rules of the game were followed, and therefore the scores were approved."

As for the future, Mushtare says in college he'd like to concentrate more on his studies, taking business classes. He ultimately wants to be a professional bowler. He says it's something he'd love to do.

Mushtare is headed to Fort Lauderdale, Florida in July to compete in the bowling National Championships.

News 10 Now will let you know how he does.