279 Triplicate! Print
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Congratulations to Steve Kubis on his 279 Triplicate. Steve bowled his Triplicate at Empire Lanes on Tuesday Jan. 20, 2015. Steve now shares the Canadian Record with 4 others... 

Michael Schmidt Winnipeg MB 03.12.2006
Pascal Lacasse Boule-O-Drome, Reg. QC 09.22.2009
Mathew Lewis Prime Time Bowl, Hamilton 03.2009
Robert Gloyn VIP Lanes, GTTBA Cham. 01.31.2010

His games were 279 by leaving the 4 pin in the 3rd frame of the first game, leaving a 9 pin in the 4th frame of the second game and by leaving the 7 pin in the 6th frame of his final game. It was the third game that was somewhat unusual. Steve needed to strike out after the 6th frame for his triplicate when he left a 4 pin in the 11th frame of his last game. Immediately after he left the 4 pin standing, another bowler yelled out "there was no 8 pin!" Everyone just looked at each other in shock and dismay. No one else seen a missing 8 pin! Steve was given the benefit of the doubt and got a re-rack to bowl this shot over again. This 279 now stands as the record for the local association. Congratulations once again to Steve for his Triplicate and for an outstanding 837 series as well. It should be noted also that this was not Steve's highest series. His current highest 800 series is 843.