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DougScottCongratulations to Doug Scott, normally a left handed player, for becoming the first in Canada (to be verified) to achieve the oddity of bowling a perfect game as a right hander as well as a leftie.

On Sunday Doug bowls in the Empire Lanes 6:30 Nascar league as a right hander. On October 7th, 2012 Doug finally got to his goal of bowling a perfect game right handed. That day did not start off looking like anything unusual was going to take place since he started the evening with a 144 game. But then it happened. His second game was the illusive right handed 300 he was looking for.

Most people would have been pretty excited after such a feat but not Doug. He proceeded to finish his last game by rolling 11 out of 12 strikes for a 279 final game.

Normally that would be the end of the story but just 3 days later on Oct. 10th in his Tuesday Men's league he rolls another one of his many left handed 300 games for another 800 series. Doug's scores on Tuesday were 300, 278, 234 for an 812 series.

Doug also holds an Association record of 9 300's in the 2007 season.