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It seems all it takes to get into the USBC Celebrity Hall of Fame is to have your picture taken, with your friends, in a bowling center or another way might be to make ONE music video in a bowling center. THAT'S IT!!! Your now HOF material!!! I'm not making this up people! Unbelievable.... Read on.

 It’s official: country music superstar Taylor Swift is the newest person elected to the Celebrity Bowling Hall of Fame, based upon her close victory over teen star Justin Bieber. Swift and Bieber were among nine celebrities selected by the Bowling Proprietors’Association of America based upon their “public support of bowling. ”The voting was conducted online by OK! Magazine which reported 1.3 million votes were cast. 

Taylor beats JustinSwift received 613,324 votes compared to Bieber’s 608,015. Actor Bill Murray, who starred in the movie “Kingpin,” was a distant third with only 21,451 votes.

Swift earned her celebrity bowling stardom because she has been frequently photographed bowling with her friends. Bieber featured bowling in his music video, “baby” and he hosted a bowling-themed party.

There was no explanation of what election to the Celebrity Hall of Fame means, or if, when or where an induction might be held. Stay tuned...

Here is a link to Justins video.