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Monday, July 19, 2010... Longest tenpin bowling marathon- world record set by Stephen Shanabrook  PLANO, Texas, USA -- Stephen Shanabrook, 24, physical therapy technician of Plano, bowled at The Plano Super Bowl. Shanabrook bowled an average of five games an hour, and saw his scores range from 5 to 198 this week at the 24-hour Plano Super Bowl.

"I've always liked bowling, but you just get into a routine and it gets mundane," Shanabrook said. "But then you've got to think back to why you started this in the first place, and that's for the charities it is supporting."

   Proceeds generated by the event went to charity, allowing Shanabrook to take part in a hobby that he loves while also helping out those in need.

   Shanabrook’s record run helped causes such as “Susan G. Komen for the [breast cancer] Cure, the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, the SPCA, the Boys & Girls Clubs of America and the Plano City House.”

    Event sponsor Brunswick Bowling provided shirts and the two bowling balls Shanabrook has used during his attempt.

   To beat the record, the rules state one must bowl "within the spirit of the game" at all times. He was allowed a five-minute break for every hour he bowled, so he let them accumulate into larger breaks to go to the bathroom, eat, do interviews and occasionally sleep.

   The previous Guinness World Record for the Longest tenpin bowling marathon was 120 hours by Andy Milne (Canada) at Classic Bowl, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada from 24-29 October 2005.

Below is an interview he gave shortly after finishing his amazing feat.

What was the most difficult part?

Probably transitioning from a period where I had a full sleep schedule to one where it was very limited. I was only allowed one or two hours per day, so it was a really difficult adaptation for my body to get used to. It was really hard on me the first three days; but I adapted into it the last couple. That’s what helped me make it through the last three days.

Was the challenge more physical or mental?

I would say the whole process was about 70% mental and 30% physical for me. I felt like I was in good shape physically, but every person who does something like this finds themselves at that physical wall and you have to have the mental ability to go through that wall and keep going. I bumped into that wall many times this week, and it was the help from family and friends and encouragement that kept me going.

Were the toughest times the early morning hours?

Yes. Probably between 1:00am and 3:00 am, because it was dead quiet in the center, and there weren’t very many people around; maybe a handful. My support group helped through those times. Thank goodness we had a lot of night owls. When they saw me struggling, they would bring me some food, or snack, or some kind of power drink, or they would talk to me and keep me going.

Were there any moments of panic when you thought it wouldn’t last much longer?

I think toward the end of day one and the start of day two. At the end of day one I was exhausted after being up for more than 24 hours, because I had planned my sleep schedule to only one hour per day to maximize the breaks I got, so I could accumulate minutes of break time. At the start of day two, I felt sort of sick. I don’t know what it was from, but I had to fight my way through it. Once I got some food into my system, it calmed down and I was able to re-focus my energy.

It is amazing that you are this coherent right now.

Actually, I am not nearly as  foggy now as I was on Wednesday. Then, if you had said something to me, I might have wondered what language you were speaking, but my body adjusted, and I have been able to function pretty well the past couple of days.

At what point did you first think “I’m going to make it?”

That would have to be about mid-day Thursday when I had, maybe not a second wind, but a new burst of energy. I could see the finish line and thought this really was possible, so I kept going and kept pushing and said to myself “This is going to happen.”

Does doing this give you a lot of confidence to accomplish other goals in your life?

Without a doubt. Something this challenging is huge; to come out on top. This proves that if you set your sights high, you can go in that direction.