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A big waydago goes out to Windsorite Dan MacLelland for advancing from the first day of qualifiying on Tuesday to make it into the first round of 64 exempt PBA players. Dan was the only amature to make the cut and this is not the first time he's done this.

The first day of qualifying for Exempt players on Wednesday morning included top professionals like Walter Ray, Chris Barns, Norm Duke and Pete Weber to mention a few.

Dan was not intimidated coming out of the gate with a 279 leaving only the 4 pin to prevent his perfect game. At the end of 5 games Dan led the field at +233 averaging 246. With games of 279, 254, 238, 237, 225. At this point the second place spot on the leader board was well below Dan's pace showing +138 averaging 239. Dan had a lead of 95 pins over his closest rival.

Then he was bit by the Chameleon, scoring a 167 game and dropping 33 pins from his total. At the end of the first round of qualifying he finished in 6th place only 83 pins out of first and 3 pins from fifth.

By comparison Walter Ray was in 28th, Pete Weber 30th, Chris Barnes 32nd, Parker Bohn III 43rd, Jason Couch 52nd and Doug Kent 62nd.

The second round of qualifying was completed at 10 P.M. where the field was cut to the top 32. Dan was sitting 13th and advancing to Thursdays match play competition.

Some big names who failed to make the cut at this point were Walter Ray Williams, going home early, ending up 33rd, Parker Bohn III 42nd, Pete Weber 48th and Steve Jaros 49th.

Match Play Thursday Nov. 14th

The first round of the 9 game match play saw Dan make the cut to the final 16. The second round is under way and to be completed by 10 P.M. where the field wil be cut to the final 4 to appear on ESPN's live TV coverage.

The top 5 were Bill O'Neil, Wes Malott, Brian Kretzer, Sean Rash and Michael Machuga. Dan finished 16th overall and bowled more games than anyone else in the field. This had to be a grualing event for Dan as an amature to make it this far.


Check out one of many different shots Dan had to make to keep advancing....

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