Slap sLap slAp… gimme 5! Print
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As I walk in to bowl and begin to spot my team mates, its about to begin. "Hey… howya doin" "not bad, howR U" bla bla bla. I really missed these crazy guys! :o) So I get my shoes on, its practice time! Damb… this is heavy. It doesn't seem to fit. Is this really my ball? My back seems stiff. My shoulder hurts. The lights come on and here we go…

OK it came off my hand. Good job! It even stayed on the lane. Yeah… It might even be my ball after all.

So after a few shots it is beginning to come back to me. Cool. Maybe I can still do this. Before practice ends I manage to strike and on my way back, here comes all these hands in front of me… slap slap, tap slap tap. Hmmm, they must think it was luck or something. Actually what they don't know is I made a mistake.

OK, practice is over and away we go. We almost started on time too! Oh… it’s the first night, its ok.

Now were in the third frame and with every shot I get this feeling people are begging for money or I did something great. Its non of the above. I just got a spare… slap slap slap, tap slap tap. Next time I'm up I manage a strike and slap slap, tap slap tap on the way back. Then a split, 9 out slap slap, tap slap tap slap. WHAT! Enough already! What's going on here?

I finish any frame in any game, any time of the night, no matter what I did or didn't do in that frame and everyone is holding out there hands as I walk back! But wait… That’s not all! Now they're waiting for ME to hold out MY hand while they come back from making their spare or whatever and now I'm feeling it better be they're for them or I'm going to be labeled a jerk! What's this now?

All night long, every shot, every guy, every bowler…. slap slap, tap slap tap slap slap slap tap slap. Good grief!!!

Is it just me or is this getting out of hand? (no pun intended) :o)

What's going on here? Why is this compulsive behavior taking over?. Good Grief! Come to think about it, this has been going on for years! What's wrong with this picture? Enough already! Don't you think we need to turn this down? Give it a rest! This started as a once in a while thing for something special and now everyone is holding out their hand even when we get 9… and I'm not talking about nine in a row. What do YOU think?