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Bowling has come up with some imaginative names for splits, such as Dime Store (5-10), Faith, Hope & Charity (2-7-10), Big Ears (4-7-10), Snake Eyes (7-10), and Three Stooges (5-7-10)

But there was no ready term for the split that John Dwarzski threw.

While competing in 1972 at the Bowl-O-Drome in Melvindale, Michigan, Dwarzski knocked down the entire back row of pins-but nothing else, on his first toss at a full rack!

His ball toppled the 7-8-9-10 but left standing intact the other six pins in front the 1-2-3-4-5-6. The ball barely touched the 10-pin just before falling into the gutter, triggering a domino effect in the back row.

No one knew what to call the leave other than "unbelievable!" Dwarzski's shot was so unique that the ABC and the Bowling Hall of Fame have no record of any bowler ever throwing before or since.

The odds of converting a 7-10 split are estimated at one in 2,000,000. But on rare occasions, a bowler has actually knocked down the 7 and 10 on the first ball-leaving the other eight pins standing!

The odds of such a split are about one in 50,000,000.